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Economic Data (USA)

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Gold Reaches for $500 As The Dow Hits 10,871.43

Benchmark December gold finished up at $492.90 per ounce today with increased jewelry-related demand coming from the robust economies of India and China. Gold probably won't make it to $500 per ounce this week due to the Thanksgiving holiday; the NYMEX exchange will close early tomorrow so the week is just about wrapped up.

$500 per ounce might sound like a very health price for gold, but to put things into perspective: gold hit $873 per ounce back in January of 1980.

Today's Numbers:

Dow Jones Industrial Average: Closed Up @ 10,871.43

NASDAQ: Closed Up @ 2,253.56

S&P 500: Closed Up @ 1,261.23

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