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Economic Data (USA)

Thursday, December 22, 2005

All 3 Majors Gain; GM Continues To Slide

The fight between The MTA and The Transport Workers Union is still on, but at least the strike is over. NYC's commuters will be able to use The City's transit system after midnight tonight.

Humana, Inc. gained $6.97 (14%) to close @ $55.29 per share on news that the company is expecting a big jump in the number of individuals enrolling in their Medicare plan for the current quarter. Humana manages healthcare plans for the United States military.

A group led by the investment bank Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. has the approval of the Chinese government to buy a $3.7 billion piece (about 10%) of The Industrial & Commercial Bank of China.

A shining star on The Dow Industrials today was Caterpillar, Inc., which gained $1.37, (2.4%) to close @ $58.45 per share as investors responded to a report by a Credit Suisse First Boston analyst who predicts that the company's stock will do well in 2006.

The stock price for General Motors continues to slide; stock in GM slid another $0.41 to close @ $18.64 per share.

Stock in Albertson's, Inc. fell by $0.82 to close @ $23.28 per share on news that the company turned down a $9.6 billion takeover bid from a group that included pharmacy giant CVS.

Today's Numbers:

DJIA: Closed Up @ 10,889.44 (+55.71)

NASDAQ: Closed Up @ 2,246.49 (+14.83)

S&P 500: Closed UP @ 1,268.12 (+5.33)


NYMEX light, sweet crude oil is currently $58.33/barrel

New York Spot Gold is currently $503.90/ounce

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