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Economic Data (USA)

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

All 3 Majors Enjoy Another Positive Day

A second day of positive numbers for all 3 major indices, as enthusiasm related to interest rates continues to contribute to investors' buying mood.

Crude oil is up again despite warm temperatures in the Northeast U.S. Overall demand for crude is increasing, and there are still some lingering concerns about Russia as an energy provider.

How will Google do in 2006? Some analysts are saying $550, others are predicting that shares in Google will go as high as $600 this year. These favorable predictions are having a very positive effect on Google's stock price, which gained an impressive $10.01 to close @ $445.25 per share (that's a record high for Google.)

Alkermes rose by $1.43 to close @ $21.95 per share, while Cephalon gained $1.12 to close @ $66.75: the 2 companies recently announced that--pending U.S. government approval--they may be able to get a new drug that treats alcoholism ("Vivitrol") to the market by Q2 2006.

Estee Lauder is replacing Mercury Interactive on The S&P 500 Index; stock in Estee Lauder rose by $1.66 to close@ $35 per share on the news.

Citigroup dropped by $0.91 to close @ $48.38 per share.

GM gained $0.51 to close @ $19.41 per share.

Verizon gained $0.89 to close @ $31.27 per share.

Pfizer gained $0.77 to close @ $24.55 per share.

Hewlett-Packard gained $0.84 to close @ $29.61 per share.

AT&T gained $0.18 to close @ $24.89 per share.

Gold continues on its march upward: NY Spot Gold closed @ $533.90 per ounce.

Today's Numbers:

DJIA: Closed Up @ 10,880.15 (+32.74)

NASDAQ: Closed Up @ 2,263.46 (+19.72)

S + P 500: Closed Up @ 1,273.46 (+4.66)


NYMEX Crude Oil Future currently @ $63.37/barrel
New York Spot Gold closed @ $533.90/ounce




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