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Economic Data (USA)

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Quarterly Productivity and Labor Cost Report Released Today

The quarterly Non-farm Productivity and Unit Labor Costs report has been released:

Non-farm Productivity
Consensus: 1.7 %
Actual: -0.6 %

Unit Labor Costs
Consensus: 2.8 %
Actual: 3.5 %

The above percentages represent the quarter-to-quarter change in non-farm productivity and unit labor costs.

For non-farm productivity, a positive number represents an improvement in the efficiency of producing domestic goods and services in the U.S., and therefore can signify a favorable inflationary outlook, and vice versa.

The Unit Labor Costs report measures the costs related to producing each unit of output. A positive number can be a harbinger of rising inflation, and vice versa.

The "consensus" is what economists were expecting, while the "actual" is the actual or real figure.



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