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Economic Data (USA)

Monday, June 12, 2006

All 3 Majors Declined On Continued Concern About Inflation and Interest Rates

The 3 majors indices declined today on continued concern about inflation and the potential for more interest rate hikes by the Fed. Earlier today, Sandra Pianalto, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland and voting member of the interest-rate-setting Federal Open Market Committee, became one of many central bankers who recently have expressed concerns about inflation. 1,617,401,100 shares were traded @ The New York Stock Exchange®.

Shares of Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) component Caterpillar (CAT) fell by $1.20 (-1.78%) to close @ $66.32.

Shares of DJIA component Boeing (BA) fell by $2.62 (-3.25%) to close @ $77.88.

Shares of Comverse Technology (CMVT) fell by $3.09 (-13.11%) to close @ $20.48 on news that the company is delinquent in its regulatory filings.

Shares of Google (GOOG) fell by $5.03 (-1.30%) to close @ $381.54; the stock then recovered $0.47 in after-hours action this evening.

Shares of Goldman Sachs Group (GS) fell by $4.89 (-3.26%) to close @ $145.00; the stock then recovered $1.35 in after-hours action this evening.

Shares of Lehman Brothers (LEH) fell by $3.60 (-5.49%) to $62.01; the stock then lost an additional $0.66 in after-hours action this evening.

Shares of Merrill Lynch (MER) fell by $2.45 (-3.45%) to close @ $68.62.

Shares of Monster Worldwide (MNST) fell by $3.40 (-8.10%) to close $38.60.

Summary of The U.S. Markets:


DJIA: Closed @ 10,792.58 (-99.34)

NASDAQ: Closed @ 2,091.32 (-43.74)

S&P 500: Closed @ 1,236.40 (-15.90)


NYMEX Crude Oil Future is currently @ $70.00/barrel

NY Spot Gold fell by $1.40 to close @ $606.80/ounce

In New York, The U.S. Dollar buys 0.795 Euros

In New York, The Euro buys 1.2579 U.S. Dollars

The U.S. Prime Rate (Fed Prime Rate) is 8.00%

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