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Economic Data (USA)

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Crude Oil, Gold and All 3 Majors Up Today

Threats of more terrorist attacks against the Unites States made by Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden had no apparent effect on the New York markets today as all 3 majors finished up; An estimated 1.78 billion shares were traded on The Big Board today.

A computer glitch @ The NASDAQ Stock MarketĀ® caused errors in the reporting of changes to stock prices today. The problem has been fixed, but you may want to double check the price of stocks that matter to you.

The U.S. Justice Department wants Google to hand over a list of all searches queries made for a randomly selected week; the Bush administration also wants one million randomly selected Internet addresses from Google's databases. Google is not complying with the Justice Department subpoena.

Shares of Google lost $8.47 to close @ $436.44 per share in regular trading; in after-hours trading, Google's stock price gained $1.59 and reached $438.03 per share this evening.

In after-hours trading, shares of Motorola fell by $1.10 to $23.25 per share.

Apple Computer fell by $3.46 to close @ $79.04 per share.

Disney gained $1.04 to close @ $26.24 per share on rumors that the company may be buying a piece or all of Pixar.

Shares of Pixar added $1.61 to close @ $58.87 per share.

Intel rival AMD gained $2.98 (8.7%) to close @ $37.13 per share.

Fairchild Semiconductor International added $1.76 to close @ $19.64 per share (they make computer chips that regulate power in cellular phones.)

The world's leading hard drive maker Seagate Technology gained $0.99 to close @ $25.59 per share.

eBay added $2.33 to close @ $46.77 per share.

Shares of home builder D.R. Horton declined by $1.14 to close @ $38.86 per share.

Gold enjoyed strong gains today in New York; NY Spot Gold rose by $14.60 to close @ $558.20 per ounce.
The world's biggest gold producer Newmont Mining added $0.57 to close @ $58.05 per share.

Nervousness about Iran's nuclear ambitions continues to have an effect on crude oil prices despite warm weather in the Northeast U.S. and healthy stockpiles. NYMEX crude for future delivery is currently @ $66.93 per barrel.
U.S. crude refining king Valero Energy gained $1.16 to close @ $60.22 per share.

Exxon-Mobil added $0.82 to close @ $61.50 per share.

Merrill gained $2.44 to close @ $72.05 per share.

Global #1 drug producer Pfizer added $0.97 to close @ $24.97 per share.

Today's Numbers:

DJIA: Closed Up @ 10,880.71 (+25.85)

NASDAQ: Closed Up @ 2,301.81 (+22.17)

S&P 500: Closed Up @ 1,285.04 (+7.11)


NYMEX Crude Oil Future is currently $66.93/barrel

New York Spot Gold closed up @ $558.20/ounce

Currently, The U.S. Dollar buys
0.8278 Euros
Currently, The Euro buys 1.208 U.S. Dollars

The United States Prime Rate is currently 7.25%

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