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Economic Data (USA)

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The S&P 500 and The DJIA Dipped A Bit, While The NASDAQ Closed Up Slightly

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), which has closed up on every trading day since the advent of the new year, dipped a bit today, losing less than one point, but still managed to stay in 11K territory. The S&P 500 also lost less than a point today as the NASDAQ Composite Index gained.

Home Depot is buying Hughes Supply in a $3.19 billion cash deal. Shares in Hughes Supply jumped by $7.06 (18%) on the news to close @ $45.61. Shares in Home Depot added $0.98 (2.4%) to close @ $41.80, which was the best performance on the DJIA today.

The worst performance on the DJIA today was Alcoa; the aluminum producing giant fell by $0.97 (3.2%) to close @ $29.60 per share.

The world's #2 Copper producer Phelps Dodge lost $7.97 (5.2%) to close @ $146.58 per share, which was the biggest dip on the S&P 500 index today.

The world's #2 toy company Hasbro added $1.37 (6.8%) to close @ $21.56 per share.

Shares in General Motors lost $0.35 (1.6%) to close @ $22.06.

Restaurant chain Red Robin lost $13.69 (26%) to close @ $38.29 per share.

LifePoint Hospitals lost $6.87 to close @ $29.54 per share (LifePoint, which focuses on non-urban healthcare, was spun-off from HCA back in 1999.)

A shining star on The NASDAQ Composite Index today was Apple Computer which gained $4.81 (6.3%) to close @ $80.86 per share. At the annual Macworld Expo in San Francisco, Apple CEO Steve Jobs boasted about great sales numbers thanks in no small part to the iPod, and that new Intel-powered (speed!) iMac computer that we told you about was introduced.

Today's Numbers:

DJIA: Closed Down @ 11,011.58 (-0.32)

NASDAQ: Closed Up @ 2,320.32 (+1.63)

S&P 500: Closed Down @ 1,289.69 (-0.46)


NYMEX Crude Oil Future is currently $63.35/barrel
New York Spot Gold closed down @ $543.90/ounce

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