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Economic Data (USA)

Thursday, June 03, 2021

ISM Non-Manufacturing Index (NMI®) for May 2021

Earlier today, the Institute for Supply Management (ISM®) released their Non-Manufacturing Index (NMI®) for May 2021:


Predicted: 62.0%
  • Actual: 64.0%  (All-Time Record High)


Previous month: 62.7%


The NMI is a reliable barometer of the U.S. services sector; above 50% implies expansion, while a reading below 50% implies that the services sector contracted.

Service Categories Include: Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing + Hunting; Mining; Utilities; Construction; Wholesale Trade; Retail Trade; Transportation + Warehousing; Information; Finance + Insurance; Real Estate, Rental + Leasing; Professional, Scientific + Technical Services; Management of Companies + Support Services; Educational Services; Health Care + Social Assistance; Arts, Entertainment + Recreation; Accommodation + Food Services; Public Administration; and Other Services (services such as Equipment + Machinery Repairing; Promoting or Administering Religious Activities; Grant-making; Advocacy; and Providing Dry-Cleaning + Laundry Services, Personal Care Services, Death Care Services, Pet Care Services, Photofinishing Services, Temporary Parking Services, and Dating Services).


From today' report:

"...Economic activity in the services sector grew in May for the 12th month in a row, say the nation’s purchasing and supply executives in the latest Services ISM® Report On Business®..."


Here's a sampling of comments made by survey participants:

  • "Stimulus money, increased vaccinations, increased dining capacity and pent-up demand are driving a fast recovery for dine-in restaurants -- and all consumer segments, it seems -- resulting in labor shortages and supply chain gaps."
     [Accommodation + Food Services]

  • "Container delays are impacting our supply chain in a significant way. Delays at the Port of Montreal and West Coast ports have impacted our ability to provide products in growing season. Truck availability has generally been tighter than normal. We’ve seen a real impact in the southeastern market."
     [Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing + Hunting]

  • "Business continues to improve, and we have worked through many of the supply chain disruptions at this time. We have begun to return to work at our corporate office on a limited basis."
     [Arts, Entertainment + Recreation]


  • "We are still busy and adding employees. One of the biggest concerns now is shortages of crucial material and equipment. Metal coils for production are especially scarce. Equipment and material suppliers have been raising prices since the first of the year. We hear of a new increase almost daily."


  • "We anticipated the reopening reasonably well but were caught off guard with respect to some materials. Steel and copper went higher than anticipated, and shortages are having an impact."
     [Finance + Insurance]


  • "As the vaccination rate continues to climb and the coronavirus (COVID-19) infection rate continues to plummet, business conditions are steadily improving: Strong revenue performance is returning, and outlooks are improving. Some supply categories remain constrained (nitrile gloves, sterile wrap and the like), yet are somewhat manageable, limiting the impact to daily operations."
     [Health Care + Social Assistance]


  • "(We are) seeing cost increases and long lead times with steel and steel containers. Worker shortages, temp labor and the like."
     [Management of Companies + Support Services]


  • "Transportation, labor, steel and general commodities are all increasing (in price) based upon general inflation and the rising price of oil."


  • "Small businesses in the area are reporting stimulus checks and extension of unemployment are hampering their ability to hire workers. Seasonal labor and H-2B (visa) workers are in very short supply, causing an uptick in cost per hour. Some employers are reporting they are offering cash incentives of (US)$50 if you show up for an interview."
     [Professional, Scientific + Technical Services]


  • "Business is very strong, and customer orders continue to increase at a rapid pace. Material shortages, increased prices and qualified personnel shortages are becoming a much larger concern."
     [Real Estate, Rental + Leasing]


  • "Very concerned about the rapid and continuing price escalations for any products with copper, steel, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Production issues and lead-time extensions are not improving."
     [Retail Trade]


  • "Business is doing good, exceeding sales target, but we have challenging issues with (1) increases in raw-materials costs and freight rates, (2) huge freight delays from overseas and (3) continued U.S. port delays. The (COVID-19 surges) in India and Taiwan are also causing delays on product availability/shipments."
     [Wholesale Trade]



ISM Non-Manufacturing (Services) Index (NMI®) 12 Month History - May 2021 Update

ISM Non-Manufacturing (Services) Index (NMI®)
12 Month History - May 2021 Update


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